UST improves in electronics engineering board exam


UST RECOVERED in the recent electronics engineering licensure examination, with 64.58 percent of the Thomasian examinees passing the test.

While this was a substantial improvement from the lowly 11.11-percent passing rate last year, UST failed to be renamed top-performing school.

This year, there were 62 passers out of  96 Thomasian examinees. Last year, only 14 out of 126 examinees from UST passed the exam.

Like last year, no Thomasian entered the top 10 list.

The Technological University of the Philippines in Visayas, with 54 passers out of 65 examinees or an 83.08-percent passing rate, topped this year’s board exam and was the only top-performing school named by the Professional Regulation Commission.

In 2008 and 2009, UST was the top-performing school in the electronics engineering boards.


  1. i can’t believe it was 11.11% last year. my gawd, that is mediocre and Thomasians aren’t like that! please study harder! stop facebooking and read those damn reviewers. 64.58% is not enough!

    • Wow! Very credible analytical comment! So hardcore!

      The article is supposed to be a good news. It’s an improvement. Please stop saying the glass is half empty. Hindi po biro ang pinagdadaanan ng mga taong ginawa na po lahatlahat at ipanagpaliban pa ang mga luho. At sa bandang huli’y hindi pa po ma-a-apreciate ang kanilang natrabaho, nagtagumpay man o hindi.

      To all who passed the board, good job guys! To those who failed, if you really want the license, learn from this experience and take the exam next time!

      (Yup! First line was sarcasm)

      • i agree with your comments.. 🙂 besides, the national passing rate during the november 2010 exam was an all-time low, 22% passing rate. also, april 2011 palang nakabawi na ang ust-ece as the only TOP PERFORMING SCHOOL…isa pa, hindi ata nila alam na nagkaroon ng bagong resolution ang PRC that only the first timers to take the board exam are eligible to top the board, and a school passing rate of at least 80% is required in order for your school to be recognized as top performing school..

      • tama 🙂 Konting appreciation naman dyan. Summer pa lang nagsimula na silang mag-review. Ung iba ay pumasa at may ilang ‘di pinalad. Panapanahon lang yan, minsan nasa taas minsan sa baba.

      • no. accept the fact that 11% is waaaaaay below the norm. would you feel good that roughly out of ten students only 1 passed? even the national passing rate is higher than ust’s! meron talagang malaking problema doon. yes they were able to address it now but 6x% is still not enough. i know mathematical courses are hard but this should not be an excuse. being the oldest and the “former premier” eng’g school in the country – expectations are high and sadly i think the faculty of eng’g is losing its luster. this is just my opinion. i hope i am wrong. please aim for 80% or higher! it is doable if everyone will STUDY HARDER!

        • I dont think you have the right to say what is acceptable or not unless you’re able to experience the same board exam itself. Actually, pasado naman ako dun sa batch na yun pero I can’t stand seeing comments such as this one na parang gusto lang idegrade ung mga nagtake ng board exam although hindi naman nila alam ung exam. Siguro kung nag-aral ka same ng course namin tapos nagtake ng exam, maiintindihan mo kami pero kung ganito lang na nagbabase ka sa nabasa mo, I think medyo wala ka sa lugar magyabang or mandegrade ng quality ng education.

        • Yes sir. I was talking about the IMPROVEMENT. Sheesh. (See Varsitarian’s title above). You really can’t see a glass half-full don’t you? maybe busy facebooking? hehe ||

          Yup, the 11% batch failed to please people’s expectations. Even the 11% who passed. They all had accepted that. That’s so 2010 already. Learned by their mistakes: most retook the exam last April, and most of them passed. The recent Nov 2011 batch also learned from their preceding batch’s mistake and, VOILA, PASSING RATE IMPROVED. Yey! ||

          Sir, I’m inviting you to experience the art of Engineering to have our small arguement very educational. 😉 ||

          The School:
          The Students:
          The Exam:
          The Review Center:

          Students from the school will choose a review center to take the board exam and will result to passing or failing

          If student pass/fail exam, each one of the given (School, Students, Exam type, Review center) will be glorified/blamed. Problem is people think and talk recklessly – mostly will only point it to one of the given.

          “He passed because of the great school he/she had”
          “He passed because of he/she is very intelligent”
          “He passed because of the exam was easy”
          “He passed because of the review center’s treatment on the examinees”

          MOSTLY: “He/she himself/herself is the reason for his/her failure” 🙁

          As for the given formula, one cannot blame/glorify the result to only one of the given for the result.

          If then, what the hell is wrong? Saan? Saan sila nagkamali? 🙂

          In engineering, Sir, we were taught: to solve for a number of unknowns, we need to have the same number of equations. And vise versa: to make modeling equations, you need to know the variables/unknowns/givens to be studied.

          To make/model the “wth-is-wrong equation” you need to know four of the given and sample every student of a population, e.g. UST’s Nov 2010. I queried, investigated, and finally, had modeled the “wthiw equation”, and found out WHAT THE FREAKING HELL WAS WRONG. And I can’t say that the other 89% had leisurely facebooked, and didn’t study at their hardest.

          Go find out. Maging mapanuri, mapagmatyag, at mapangahas.

          Haters gonna hate. Trollers gonna troll. Engineering people gonna engineer. 😀
          Sorry, thought this was WordPress. XD

    • haha wag mo naman kami itulad sayo na alam lang is mag facebook. I passed that board exam but I know how difficult it was to pass due to the type of questions being asked, more than half of them were trivial and was not part of the curriculum for all universities so kahit na less than 10% pa yan, I believe you have no right to degrade others if you don’t know what you are talking about.

    • You don’t know what we have gone through. Hindi mo alam kung gaano karaming oras at reviewers ang binasa nmin. So kung gusto namin mgpalipas ng oras mg facebook karapatan namin un. Akala mo madaling mgboards den try taking the boards and you’ll be surprised. Kasi khit gaano kaganda ang foundation ng UST ECE hindi sya ngcocount sa boards. Kasi ang boards hindi sya tungkol sa inaaral sa school iba xa. Try taking para malaman mo.

  2. Nothing impressive with 64.58% much more last year’s 11.11% considering UST ECE used to be a Center of Excellence. In my opinion, UST-ECE should tighten its admission and make sure that we only allow those who are ready to get those much coveted ust diploma. There was a time where one say ECE they only have two schools in mind UST and DLSU, even during my time in Eng’g, ECE was highly regarded as breeding ground for the best and brightest that UST Eng’g can offer. I cannot say the same now, what a shame!

  3. You guys should know first what happened last year and what’s the ultimate reason why the UST-ECE batch ’10 obtained that passing rate. They fought hard and sticked with their principles just to justify what happened during that time. But it seems like their voices weren’t even heard by the…. Don’t be very judgmental.

    FYI, the 2010 batch has redeemed themselves last April. UST was the only top performing school, obtaining a passing rate of I think 83.1%.

    I agree with you raki….

  4. There was a time in the early 80s, the Varsitarian’s headline was, “Thomasians Sweep ECE Board Exam.” Imagine top 1 to 10 were all from UST.” Wow! What happened last year?

    • More or less than 70% of the questions are now trivial, objective type. Even some of it got nothing to do with being an ECE.

      • if i’m not mistaken in the 80’s in was not a multiple choice examination and Communications Engineering was not as wide as it is nowadays. NO cellphones, no router and other networking related devices. In the Electronics part LCD and LED TVs are not yet present. All of which are part of today’s ECE Board Examination. Imagine a question like “What is the propagation used in digital TVs in Europe?” which was one of the questions last Oct 2011 as recall.

  5. This is hurtful, but it’s true. Nothing impressive with the school’s performance. I strongly agree with these opinions; however, do you have any idea what the board exam is like? Been there? Done that?

    Dear sirs and madams, engineers were trained to think, and to analyze; not to memorize and recall.

  6. If planet X is 778 million km away from a star, what is the temperature of planet X?

    Kapag hindi mo ba nasagot ung mga ganitong klase ng tanong sa board exam ibig sabihin wala ka nang karapatang maging isang engineer? Summer pa lang nagre-review na sila. May pumasa at may mga ‘di pinalad. Bilog lang ang mundo, minsan nasa taas minsan sa baba.

    • dapat given ang luminosity ng star (L), distance of planet from the star (D), albedo of the planet (variable A w/c can be 1 if planet reflects all radiation or 0 if planet absorbs all radiation, or a real number if albedo is not absolute) and dapat given ang stephan-boltzman constant (z) which is approx 5.67×10^(-8). you can compute the temp of planet X with distance D from a star by:

      T = ((L(1-A))/(16*pi*z*A*D^2))^1/4

      *consistent use of the units of measures is expected syempre.

      • ehh ma’am pano po pag distance lang yung given? tignan mo yung problem ma’am oh, walang luminosity..may default na gagamitin for the albedo, xka boltzman constant ay constant naman kaya pwede kahit hindi given, unlike what you said.

        pero kulang parin yung given. so pano po masosolve ma’am?

        • if luminosity (bolometric) of the star isnt given, you can compute for the luminosity of the star as long as the stellar radius and the effective temp of the star are given. using stephan boltzman law, you can easily compute L. if the star in the problem is the sun (of our solar system) its eff temp is about 5700 Kelvins if i am not mistaken. i don’t think na distance lang ang given sa problem. the first comment may have not included all the details of the problem. there are other variables that should be given to make this problem have a finite solution.

          i am not sure kung ano ba ang kinalaman nito sa ECE na course kasi bs math lang akech hahaha. siguro may effect ito sa satellite communications chuva. i forgot kung anong subject ko ito kinuha but i had thermodynamics and modern physics (kasama dito yung quantum physics, quantum thermodynamics and theory of relativity) in two separate courses sa college of science.

          anyways, bilib pa rin ako sa mga tomasinong inhinyero! (at sa mga cute na math majors sa science hehehe)

  7. It’s very difficult to obtain the new requirement of PRC for an institution to be considered as one of the top performing schools in a Licensure Exam for Engineers, especially if the nature of the exam is highly politicized and if the questions are really out of scope (not even taught during college!) I’m saddened by some of these negative comments in this article, if you are a Thomasian, you shouldn’t react in that manner. 🙁

  8. FYI, the national passing rate this year is almost close to what happened last year. Last year’s national passing rate was 22%, this year’s passing rate is 27%… The only schools who got 80%++ passing rate was UPDiliman and TUPVis. Next would be UST at 65%.

    The 35% who didn’t pass the board exams weren’t just playing around. Some of them are the most hardworking people I know from our batch. Its just sad na ganun talaga yung mga questions. Though this year related na talaga sa ECE, most of them hindi pa talaga nabasa or hindi talaga nadiscuss nung review palang.

  9. you have 5 years to prepare for the boards. that is 5 long years. what is your excuse? you must have known beforehand if you’re not inclined to be an engineer. if eng’g is not for you, then by all means, shift to another course. ang iba kasi idinadaan sa ganda ng pangalan ng course, pinipilit kahit BM (Bachelor of Music major in Guitar) ang totoong gusto. or maybe yun ang gusto ng parents nila. KNOW WHAT YOU LOVE DOING AND BE GOOD WITH IT. aanhin mo ang eng’g degree mo kung magbabanda (or mag-co-call center) ka pagka-graduate mo. discover your TRUE NORTH!

    • Limang taon para magprepare sa boards? Napakababaw. Nag aral ako sa UST para maging engineer, hindi para pumasa lang ng board exam. Bat di mo subukang itanong, para sa ECE ba talaga yung board exam?

      -ECE Licensure Exam Nov2010 exam taker, ECE Licensure Exam Oct2011 Passer, Proud Bassist

  10. Kung 100 ang kumuha at isa bumagsak? 99%.
    Kung 10 ang kumuha at isa bumagsak? 90%.
    Kung 2 kumuha at isa bumagsak? 50%.

    bago nyo punahin ang 65% ng UST-ECE at ang 80+% ng ibang school, tignan nyo muna kung ilan ang nag-take. 62 ang bagong Thomasian ECE. eh ung iba? 54 out of 65? hindi percentage ang batayan! Wag nyong husgahan ang UST ECE!

  11. Enough of the shitty comments saying how horrible the perfomance of last year’s batch was. Of course, 11% is SHOCKING but hasn’t it occured to you even for a split nanosecond, you judgemental and narrow minded people who don’t fully understand the road to becoming a legit ECE, that THERE WAS SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG WITH LAST YEAR’S BOARD EXAM? And with a NATIONAL passing rate of ONLY 22%? And besides, do you even know that they already redeemed themselves by making UST AS THE ONLY TOP PERFORMING SCHOOL in the April 2011 board exam? Know the facts first before you criticize the school, the faculty and the examinees. Everyone is working hard so don’t hate, APPRECIATE.

  12. wow!!! this is thomasian compassion at its best!! all this negative comments could never get any more better.. maybe all those all-knowing genuises can perfect the board exam…

  13. Ung “IBANG”( i’m not pertaining sa lahat ng matatalino, ung iba lang) TAO, matalino nga, nakakasolve ng kung anung problem, matataas ang grade, nag-aral sa top performing school, cum laude or anumang honors, pasado nga sa board o kung anumang pagsusulit,,, kaso INSENSITIVE naman…

    Mga hiyang-hiya KAYO para sa karangalan ng UST, sa tingin NIYO ba ung mga hindi pinalad, hindi nahihiya? Kung nahihiya kayo, kung nanlulumo kayo, kung naiinis kayo,,,, mas matindi ang nararamdaman nila,…ang hirap kasi dito, KAYO lang ang may feelings…KAYO lang ang magaling…siguro mga CEO na kayo ng kung anung malaking kompanya or bilyonaryo na kayo, ang galing NIYO kasi eh…

    Hindi porke hindi pinalad makapasa, eh nagbulakbol, nagfacebook, nagbasketball o nagdota lang sila imbis mag-aral, tingin NIYO hindi nila ginusto na pumasa?

    ang improvement hindi laging biglaan, ang gusto niyo maging 90% to 100% agad ang passing ng UST? tapos pag nagawa naman ng ECE ng ust un,,,sasabihin NIYO naman na nandaya? may leak? Good news nga ung 64.58 kaso nung nabasa ko ung mga comments nung IBA, nanlumo ako pinilit NIYONG gawing bad news eh…hay…i’m really disappointed sa INYO…

    Pilit kong ipinagtatanggol ang UST sa mga estudyante mula sa ibang unibersidad, kaso mas mahirap pa pala KAYONG kausap kesa sa kanila…maiba tayo, THOMASIAN nga ba KAYO?

    hindi ako ece boardtaker ngaun,,pero sa future magiging ECE ako, I’m not losing kung babagsak man ako sa hinaharap, hayaan NIYONG ako ang magsabi ng dahilan kung bakit ako hindi pumasa hindi yung daig niyo pa ung mga magulang nung mga hindi nakapasa

    …isa lang akong estudyante…isang concerned THOMASIAN…

  14. bakit hindi n’yo i-flame ang ranking ng Civil Law ngayon?..ang hirap kasi sa inyo, you only find faults of others..hindi n’yo inintindi yung mga hirap ng mga nagtake ng ece board exam…if you really thing you’re that genius, kumuha ka ng ECE..pag-aaralin pa kumuha ka ng board exam…know the facts first before saying something…

  15. We are talking about the recent ECE board exam. bad news talga nung 11% lang ung pumasa, pero alam niyo bang walang nakapasok na top performing school nun? even UP diliman. Move on guys, malaki ang naimprove ng batch ngayon. It just proves na mahirap ang ECE, at pahirap siya ng pahirap. In a short amount of time, technology advances rapidly and fyi some new technology advancements are included to the ECE board exam. dati nga hirap na maka 80% lahat ng schools tapos nagdedemand kayo ng 80%. kung kaya lang i-100 bakit hindi. Appreciation guys yun lang naman, giving negative comments proves that you lack EQs.

  16. Hindi na issue dito ang Board Exam, tanggapin natin ang katotohanan na hawak lang ng PRC sa leeg lahat ng propesyonal dito sa Pilipinas. Ang issue dito ay ung ethical writing ng taong nagsulat nito. Reden Madrid, I challenge you. Humarap ka sa testimonial ng UST ECE sa November 18 at makinig ka para naman hindi lang PRC ang source mo ng news… Wala ka kasing root cause analysis sa article mo, basta maglatag ka na lang ng nasagap mo? Such an irresponsible act.

    This should serve as a warning sa mga taong may control sa media, hindi uunlad ang Pilipinas kung puro walang kwenta mga nagkakalat ng balita at walang katuturan o idudulot na maganda ang ikakalat na balita. Naturingan pa man din kayong mga Tomasino. Talk about crab mentality.

    • ano bang mali sa article? the author just stated the facts. there’s nothing wrong with that. if you’re talking about crab mentality, then the negative comments around here including mine are the ones you should be aiming at 😀 but let me tell you this, after you graduate you’ll get to meet different types of people at work. many will try to pull you down and if you easily get offended by comments such as mine then you will need to learn how to handle that. the workplace is full of sh*tards like me who will criticize. don’t take it too seriously dude. everyone has his own opinion and how you react on other peoples’ opinion is a reflection of how you’re going to fare in the real world.

      • ms ‘i love math’, the article is misleading..all the facts stated are correct, pero ang nagpamali sa article ay yung hindi pagsama sa aprill 2011 results. yung hindi pagsama sa article nung nov 2011 controversy. these things could have made the article a whole different story.

        about what you said about the criticizms about work, totoo naman yan ehh..but what do you expect us to do? tanggapin lahat ng comments? yakapin yung mga nagcocomment tapos magpasalamat? pinagtatanggol lang naman namin yung mga sarili namin ehh..kasi alam namin na kami ang tama..nagcocomment kami dito kasi gusto lang namin na malaman ng lahat kung ano talaga yung nangyari, kung ano yung totoo..bagay na dapat ginagawa netong article na to.

    • Sir, why do you say this is a mediocre article? This is not a special reports or investigative journalism article that needs root cause analysis. Breaking news iyan kaya maikli lang, facts are stated as is from the sources.

  17. Ano ba itong balitang to? Positive o negative? Parang positive naman kasi na naging negative dahil lang sa ibang mga comments. Well I think, 64.58% passing rate should be something to be proud of. Only few got a high passing rate considering the number of takers from that particular school.

    Hindi naman kasi porket 5years ka na nagaral ng ECE at nagreview ng 6mos means na papasa ka na sa board exam. Hindi rin naman kasi lahat ng pinagaralan mo sa 5yrs stay mo sa UST at 6mos stay sa review center eh gagamitin mo sa board exam. Actually, maraming bagong bagay kang maeencounter sa review center na ni minsan, hindi naituro sa college. Minsan din kasi, swertihan nalang, kung ano ang lalabas na mga tanong sa board exam. Malas mo lang talaga qng first time mo marinig o mabasa ung question o bagay na iyon sa questionnaire mo ng board exam.

    Lahat naman ng examinees nagaral, nagdasal at naghanda ng sobra sobra para sa exam na iyon. At tska, kahit saan mo naman itanong, lahat naman sinasabi na ECE Board Exam ang pinakamahirap sa lahat ng board exam. Btw, the exam is composed of 4 subjects namely Electronics, GEAS, EST (100items each, PS and obj) and Mathematics (50items PS).

    Dapat nga maging proud tayo kahit ano pa ang maging passing rate ng ust kasi lahat ng effort binigay ng mga Thomasian ECEs para doon. Hindi yung dinodown pa lalo ung mga hindi nakaabot sa passing or required passing ng PRC. Sa tingin niyo ba hindi masakit ung hindi mo mabasa ang name mo sa list ng mga passers at malaman mong kailangan mo pa ulit itake ung iba o lahat ng subjects para makapasa? Wala namang hindi nahirapan this past board exam. Nagdadasal nga kami na sana maicurve ng maayos ang grades para maraming makapasa doon sa exam.

  18. The ECE board exam is a big joke! I remember in the Communications Engineering subject where 90 out of 100 questions were all trivial (topics that are not included in the ECE curriculum for all universities; I even tried Googling some of the questions but I found only 3). Not to mention the politics involved with the PRC and the ECE review centers. If my memory serves me right, 10 (including me) out of the 14 passers of 2010 came from only one review center. Is it right that your dream for that coveted license depend on these evil review centers? Please refrain from posting comments if you are not aware of what is happening with the ECE board exams. Thank you.

  19. 1. Passing per subject sa ECE board exam is 70% (70 out of 100 EACH on GEAS, EST and ELECTRONICS and then 35 out of 50 on MATH). Kung isa dito mababa sa 70% but not less than 60, you need to take that subject again on the next board. If less than 70% and less than 60%, then you have to take the whole board again.

    2. Mostly the questions that usually comes out in the board exam (especially in GEAS and EST) are mostly trivial, walang kinalaman sa ECE at tsaka di kasali sa curriculum ng kahit anong unibersidad

    3. Ang nangyari nung Nobyembre 2010 ay hindi kapabayaan ng batch namin. Ang isyu noon ay kung nagreview center ka at kung saan review center ka nag-enroll, kahit gaano ka katagal naghanda para sa board exam. Halos hindi natutulog ang mga yan para lang mag-aral, tapos malalaman mo lang na 90% ng questions e trivial at yung natitira na lang talaga sa’yong choice e manghula (lalo na sa EST)

    4. Nagawa namang bumawi ng UST last April 2011 pero hindi man lang binigyang appreciation. Sa lagay ng estado ng board exam ng ECE, makakuha lang 50% na passing rate halos mangiyak-ngiyak na ang mga pumasa.

    For those who will read, please think about these four facts. For the author of the article, please do some research to support your arguments.

    Thank you

  20. Wag kayong magsalita kung hinde nyo naexperience or wala kayong alam sa nangyari nung November 2010 ECE board exam. YES! our batch got an all-time lowest passing percentage for UST ECE – 11%. But do you know what happened?? Di kame naglaro-laro lang, 7 months kame nagreview everyday, so much sacrifices ang ginawa namen para sa preparation, and very positive ang outlook namen before board exam, kasi alam namen na walang nagpapabaya sa pag-aaral sa batch namen at nagtutulungan.

    Sabihin nalang naten na napaglaruan ng tadhana ang batch namen, nagkataon lang na nagsama-sama kame sa isang review center (about 80-90% ng batch ). at nagkataon din na sa mga review materials ng review center na yun e walang lumabas sa boards, while dun sa isang review center (na less than 10 ang nakaenroll sa batch namen) e 90% or up ng materials nila ang lumabas sa boards.

    What do you think was that? You could say there was a “leakage”. Pero hinde namen inisip na leakage yung nangyari, if you take a look at the composition of questions sa boards last november 2010, 90% trivia questions and “standards” na galing sa wikipedia or saan mang website sa internet. Meaning, the scope of the ECE board exam is “GOOGLE”. Hinde namen napag-aralan yung mga yun nung college. Walang basic knowledge ang lumabas.

    FYI – we filed a petition kay Father Rector regarding that board exam, gusto lang namen painvestigate sa UST yung nangyari sa boards and sa PRC, kasi hinde namen kaya ng walang backup from UST at umaasa kame na UST lang ang makakatulong that time. Umabot kame sa Attorney ng UST and nagsubmit ng mga evidences/documents. UST taught us to fight for our rights, kaya ang sama sama ng loob namen sa UST that time kasi para kameng “iniwan sa ere” ng sabihin na i-backout na yung petition kasi walang matibay na evidence ( 11% is mathematically improbable based sa mga previous results). At pinagsabihan pa yung mga profs/dean namen (na tumutulong talaga samen that time) na wag na makialam sa issue. Kaya nafeel namen na iniwanan kame ng UST sa gitna ng isang malaking laban. Wala kameng nagawa.

    Kung nahihiya kayo para samen, mas nahihiya kame para sa sarili namen that time. But we have redeemed ourselves last april 2011, with 80+% passing and the ONLY TOP performing school. Sabi nga ng 1 kabatch namen, “bumawi kayo hinde para ibalik ang glory sa UST, kundi para sa inyong mga sarili at pamilya”. Dahil pagnagstart ka na magreview, wala na kinalaman kung saan ka nagaaral, the only thing that matters is the review material ng papasukan mong review center.

    Kaya kung hinde mo naexperience ang ECE board exam, wala kang karapatang magsalita ng kung ano-ano.

  21. Dear “I love math”, are you really a THOMASIAN? Ganyan na ba itinuturong ugali sa UST? Kung nalungkot ka sa nangyari, sa tingin mo ba hindi nalungkot yung mga mismong nagtake, nag-aral (nang halos wala nang oras para sa pamilya, kaibigan, gf, etc.) at bumagsak? FYI GUMUHO MUNDO NILANG LAHAT AT NG MGA PAMILYA NILA. Sana wag mo nang dagdagan pa. Tama na teh, wala ka nung nangyari lahat yun. These people were victims of this greedy society’s unfairness… they tried to fight pero nung pinatigil sila ng UST, they didn’t say a word and stopped. Imbes na ipaglaban yung karapatan nila, mas ginalingan pa nila ung April 2011 boards. You’ve hurt them enough. Just stop. Please stop. Pagbutihin mo na lang yung pag aaral mo tapos pag na-100% mo yung sarili mong board exams, saka ka magyabang 🙂 at magiging proud pa kami sayo. Thank you.

  22. ECE Board exam is full of trivia na hindi mo naman magagamit sa real world of being an ECE. Kaya nga di umuunlad ang Pilipinas. Ang baba na nga ng technology tapos ang education pa tungkol sa technology mababa din. Kumpara mo naman sa ibang bansa like India. Ang exam nila ay gamit na gamit sa job nila. Sa US naman ay, ang bawat field ng ECE ay may kanya kanyang particular related exams para maiwasan ang mga knowledge na hindi mo naman magagamit. Nakakadismaya lang talaga ang sistema dito .. . . Sana may magawa ang government sa ganitong sitwasyon lalong lalo na sa conspiracy among review centers. ALAM ko ang conspiracy na yan dahil nagwork ako sa isang review center. I will choose to not mention the name of those review centers. Salamat.

  23. Examinees Passed/Total Examinees
    UST 62/96 = 64.58 %
    UP 32/37 = 86.49 %
    DLSU MLA 33/63 = 52.38 %
    MAPUA 94/217 = 43.32 %
    PLM 35/93 = 37.63 %
    ADAMSON 41/84 = 48.81 %
    TUP MLA 50/118 = 42.37 %
    TUP VISAYAS 54/64 = 83.08%
    ATENEO DE MANILA 1/1 = 100%


  24. Baka naman hindi niyo naintindihan ‘yung article. Kung makapag-react, akala mo journalist. TRY NIYO KAYA MAG-TAKE UP NG JOURNALISM PARA MALAMAN NIYO ANG SINASABI NIYO. World peace, bow.

    • ganun kasi yung pagkakagawa ng article…so ang ibig mo sabihin dapat journalist ka para maintindihan mo to? then hindi effective yung writer….besides,eh kung ikaw kaya magtake ng ENGINEERING at lalaitin ka, anu sa tingin mo mararamdaman mo?…i doubt it kung magsusurvive ka…

  25. To i love math, ang galing mo naman! isa kang tunay na INHINYERO! akalain mo alam mo yung formula to compute for the temperature of a planet given only the distance, the luminosity of the closest star some other constants. IDOL! I bet ikaw din nag-derive nyan! Pano mo naisip yan? Sana maging kasing galing mo ako!

    Sa mga ka-batch ko sa UST-ECE 2010, mahiya nga kayo kay ilovemath! Siya ang tunay na malakas! Boss pangkalawan siya! Tayong lahat mga banban!

    joke lang! :p


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