LIBRARIANS and the faculty union are at odds over new guidelines requiring both library and teaching staff to get master’s degrees before getting their promotions.

Six librarians are objecting to the guidelines set by the University—which the UST Faculty Union (USTFU) apparently signed without seeking the librarians’ consent and approval.

In a two-page complaint sent to USTFU on Sept. 22, 2010, which the Varsitarian only obtained this month, the librarians cited violations of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) due to the requirement imposed by the Office of Faculty Evaluation and Development (OFED).

OFED now requires librarians to first earn their master’s degrees before being considered for promotion, similar to the guidelines set for faculty members. The six librarians in line for higher ranks were “surprised” to find out that none of them were appraised for promotion.

“Actually hindi nga nila ni-release [ang] guidelines. Nang nakita naming na ‘yung dapat may promotion, ‘di na-promote, saka lang kami nagtanong,” librarian Juanita Subaldo said.

Applying faculty standards to librarians is a violation of Article 8, Sections 3 and 4 of the CBA that distinguishes the promotion provisions for academic teaching and non-teaching personnel, she pointed out.

“We (librarians) are not supposed to be required to have [master’s degree] unlike the faculty,” Subaldo said.

USTFU vice president for grievances and complaints Reynaldo Reyes agreed that the new implementing guidelines are “not in accord with the CBA.”

Librarians without master’s degrees should still be recommended for promotion if they meet the required percentage rating for the position, Reyes added.

Dealing with misdeals

Following the new guidelines, a junior librarian needs a 70-percent performance rating to be promoted to Senior Librarian 1; 75 percent for Senior Librarian 2; and 80 percent for Senior Librarian 3.

But Subaldo claimed the new percentage system is a violation of Article 8, Section 1-B of the CBA, which states that a Junior Librarian must reach only 60 to 64 percentage rating to be qualified for promotion as a Senior Librarian 1; 65 to 69 percent for Senior Librarian 2; and 70 to 74 percent for Senior Librarian 3.

The implementing guidelines were not discussed during the USTFU assembly and was only signed by Dr. Gil Gamilla, who recently resigned as president of the faculty union, Subaldo added.

USTFU has called the attention of the Office of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Research (OVRAAR) on the CBA violations, in a letter sent to their office last Jan. 5.

“The [guidelines] utterly disregarded Article 8, Section 1, B, for classification of librarians. As a consequence, some librarians are not promoted or reclassified,” USTFU said in the letter.

The letter also informed OVRAAR that Gamilla “repudiates” his signing of the implementing guidelines.

The Varsitarian sought comment from OFED, but it has yet to respond.

The Permanent University-Union Committee is set to meet this month to discuss the librarians’ complaint. Diana Jean B. Evite


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