FACULTY of Arts and Letters professor Clarence Batan received an award from Brown University for his paper regarding Filipino bystanders or tambays.

Batan was given the Brown International Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI) Alumni Award as visiting fellow for International Studies. Batan served his fellowship from April to June this year.

He presented two papers during the BIARI program about Researching the Filipino Istambays (On-Standbys): The BIARI-Philippines Research Connection, which was presented at the Maddock Alumni Center and the BIARI Beyond Experience: Concepts We Learned and Lived By, presented at the Watson Institute.

During his stay at Brown University, he was placed under the supervision of well-known American sociologist Dennis Hogan.

Before receiving the distinction from Brown University, Batan was awarded the 2013 National Academy of Science and Technology Outstanding Book Award for his contribution to the 60th volume of the Philippine Sociological Review titled “A Conceptual Exploration of Istambay Phenomenon in the Philippines.”

Aside from being a faculty member of Arts and Letters, Batan is also a lecturer at the Ecclesiastical Faculty of Philosophy and the Graduate School and a research associate for the University’s Research Cluster on Culture, Education and Social Issues (RCCESI). John Joseph G. Basijan

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