(An officer from the Bureau of Fire Protection inspecting the scene of the fire. Photo by Basilio H. Sepe)

October 9, 2015, 5:34p.m. – FIRE BROKE out in a restaurant at the Quadricentennial Pavilion Friday morning due to faulty electrical wiring, according to the Sampaloc Fire Station.

Fire Inspector Efren Bereña said the fire started 10 a. m. at the ducting system of Chicken Deli, where the store’s electrical wirings are located.

Fire reached first alarm, and was declared out at 11:29 a.m.

Danro Torres, employee of Chicken deli, said something blew up in the kitchen, near the exhaust system. 

Torres said more than 10 customers and six crew members were at the store when fire broke out.

Classes at the Institute of Physical Education and Athletics were temporarily suspended due to the incident.

The official incident report has yet to be released. Clarence Hormachuelos with reports from Krystel Nicole Sevilla


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