Science programs obtain Level IV accreditation anew

FIVE PROGRAMS under the College of Science were granted Level IV accreditation status anew, the highest level of accreditation given by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities’ Commission on Accreditation (Pacucoa) to private higher education institutions.

Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in Biology, Psychology, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry and Microbiology were re-accredited to Level IV status, valid until November 2021.

Level IV status means “full autonomy” for the program for the duration of its accredited status. It also enables school administrators to offer new graduate programs and open learning or distance education and extension classes related to existing Level IV courses, without prior approval of the Commission on Higher Education.

A “candidate status” was also given to BS Applied Physics, valid until November 2018.

According to the Pacucoa website, programs with candidate status “have at least undergone a preliminary survey visit and are certified by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines as being capable of acquiring accredited status within one or two years.”

The College of Science is the first college in UST to receive Level IV accreditation from Pacucoa. It was also the first in the University to get Level III status in 2006.


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