‘I was weak’: Artlets Student Council president admits health issues, considers quitting


The president of the Faculty of Arts and Letters Student Council is considering resigning from his post, apologizing for belatedly disclosing his health problems and multiple injuries after a bout with depression.

In a statement posted on the council’s Facebook page on Wednesday, Reymark Simbulan said he would file his resignation should his doctors prohibit him from continuing his studies because of his condition.

“[I]n a possible worst-case scenario that I was not allowed by my doctors to continue my studies, I will file my resignation as early as possible,” the statement read.

The 19-year-old Simbulan suffered a dislocated knee, a broken hip and severe spine injury after jumping from the 17th floor of the condominium building where he was staying on June 28.

“Even those in position, who exhibit nothing but happiness and passion for work are still vulnerable to anxiety and depression. I was weak. And for that I want to say sorry. I know now that support from friends is what I needed,” Simbulan told the Varsitarian in an online interview.

Simbulan, an incoming political science senior, spent days in the intensive care unit of UST Hospital after the incident, and said he still could not move half of his body and would need to undergo a final spine surgery.
He said he wanted to continue his work in the student council despite multiple injuries.

“[M]y psychiatrist and I have already agreed that we will do everything to be able to enroll this upcoming semester [since] I myself wouldn’t want to leave my work in the [council],” Simbulan said.

External Vice President Jancisko Valera assured Artlets students he was ready to take on the responsibility of leading the council.

“[Reymark] is my president…[but] if it entails me to [take over] Reymark’s post, I am up for the responsibility and I am capable as all [council] officers are,” Valera told the Varsitarian.


  1. Hello, Mr. Reymark Simbulan. Please do not consider yourself a weak person. Major depressive disorder is an illness and NEVER a sign of weakness. The fact that you are seeking professional help is already a sign of strength. Treatment includes medications to correct the imbalance of chemicals in the brain and psychotherapy from qualified therapists. I too have major depressive disorder and have attempted to commit suicides in the past. I was able to do that twice but I survived. I am glad that you did. Continue with your treatment and follow your doctor. You have lots of moral and emotional support from your family, relatives and friends there in the Philippines. Always think that recovery is on your way. Best wishes and may God bless you.


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