THE INSTITUTE of Information and Computing Sciences (IICS) has “excluded” a graduating student for one term, for using foul language versus administrators in an Instagram video rant.

Frangel Ty, an information technology (IT) senior, was effectively suspended and could be only be readmitted after the first term of Academic Year 2019-2020, according to a resolution of the IICS Student Welfare and Development Board.

Ty provided the Varsitarian a copy of the resolution dated Aug. 20, 2019.

Ty protested an IICS policy that barred him from enrolling two thesis-related courses under a co-requisite system, as it would delay his graduation.

Hindi ako pinayagan magco-req, tapos n’un madedelay na naman ako nang isang taon. P****g ina ng IICS. Ngayon kailangan kong sumugod sa kanila kasi bobo sila,” Ty said in a video on Instagram, which he deleted an hour after he posted it.

At the end of the video, Ty showed a picture on which was written: “Institute of Information and Computing Sciences, SUSUNUGIN KO ‘TOwait lang (I will burn this down… just wait).”

The resolution stated that Ty violated the Students’ Code of Conduct that forbids the use of “foul, vulgar or rough language in conversations and communications,” even if the video was supposedly restricted to his friends.

“[Ty] used vulgar words in the video; threatened to burn IICS; and disrespected the administration… We cannot accept his explanation that he did not intend to malign the administration. The fact that he posted the video on Instagram, which can be viewed by his friends, plainly shows his malevolent intention,” the resolution read.

The board did not accept Ty’s explanation that he did not intend to publicly harm the institute and that the video was uploaded out of frustration, as he and other IT seniors would not be able to graduate on time because of the co-requisite system.

In June, Ty’s attention was called after he criticized the IICS administration’s measures to prevent suicides on Twitter. But the disciplinary board ruled that the tweet was a “valid exercise of freedom of expression.”

“The administration [is just] blocking hallway windows [in IICS] to reduce cases of suicide instead of actually talking to students and fixing the system,” Ty tweeted on June 17.

Ty told the Varsitarian that the suicide case that prompted the blocking of hallway windows was “personal” to him.

Ka-batch ko yung tumalon and I know kung gaano kahirap yung pinagdaanan niya during those times,” Ty said.

Aside from the one-semester suspension, Ty was disqualified from being elected officer of any recognized student organization. He will be put under probation in case he applies for readmission. with reports from Camille Abiel H. Torres


  1. Yang mga IICS Admin na yan, napaka incompetent. Very traditional. Especially Jerralyn Padua. and her appointees. She and her council are very controlling even reached a point that they appoint the student council. “APPOINT” instead of a democratic election. Wala naman kayong mga phd!!! Punyeta kayo mga pipitchuging schools naman kayo nila Victoriio nagaral. (AMA at STI pa more!)

  2. Jerralyn Padua and her council (especially Victorio) are all educationally incompetent. Why appoint them as administrators? This is UST we are talking about. They are from STI, AMA, UE(?). Please executive authorities reconsider appointing more people with real and reputable degrees.

  3. Hi do you know them personally po ba kasi based sa mga salita mo mukang kilalang kilala mo sila you even mention other person na wala namang kinalaman sa topic, you know your point is a whole bunch of shitty pointlless matters, you’re not addressing the issue here , isa ka siguro sa student na bumagsak sa kanila or even a faculty na may galit sa kanila, am I right?..



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