THE UNIVERSITY was named the No. 1 top-performing school in the March 2023 licensure examination for teachers (LET) at the elementary level, as all of its 52 examinees passed.

UST shared the top spot with Bohol Island State University – Tagbiliran, which also fielded 52 examinees and posted a 100-percent passing rate.

UST’s passing rate improved from 87.50 percent or seven out of eight Thomasians in the October 2022 examinations.

Six examinees topped the March 2023 LET-elementary after scoring 92.20 percent: Sitty Alip of Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology; Mikaela Bonador of the University of the Philippines – Diliman; Jose King Clet of the Philippine Normal University – Manila; Cyntal Dayag of the University of Mindanao – Tagum; Andrea Sumugat of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos; and Fritzie Unabia of Cebu Technological University – Argao.

The national passing rate for elementary teachers dipped to 40.76 percent (24,819 out of 60,896 examinees) from 54.43 percent (49,783 out of 91,468 examinees) in October.

Meanwhile, UST was the No. 4 top-performing school in the LET at the secondary level after recording a 95.52-percent passing rate, or 64 out of 67 examinees.

UST’s passing rate for high school teachers slid from 97.01 percent, or 130 out of 134 examinees, in October 2022.

Mirven Cabesay of the University of Mindanao – Davao City led the country’s new batch of high school teachers with a score of 93.40 percent.

The Philippine Normal University in Mindanao was the No. 1 top-performing school in the secondary-level LET after posting a 98.32-percent passing rate, or 176 out of 179 examinees.

The national passing rate for high school teachers declined to 46.94 percent (48,005 out of 102,272 examinees) from 50.94 percent (71,080 out of 139,534 examinees).

The examinations were conducted on March 19.


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