BURGLARS broke into the Timbale canteen at the back of the Beato Angelico Building last month, taking around P10,000 from the cash register.

According to the University’s Security Office, the burglars scaled the perimeter wall by climbing up the cement post of the steel fence along España Boulevard.

Security guard Leopoldo Valmera, who discovered the intrusion a little after midnight, said he saw the lower part of the canteen’s glass door smashed. It was apparently caused by a steel chair found near the door. The intruders took the cash register.

Valmera said that the janitors left the building at 10:35 pm of the previous day. After checking each floor and the back of the building through its roll-up door, he went to his area of responsibility in front of the building. Twenty minutes later he checked the building again and discovered the intrusion.

Security chief-in-charge Michael Arzabal and Dewey Seguin reported the incident at Station 4 of the Western Police District. Sr. Inspector Caysel Soria and SPO3 Jessie Oliveros are investigating the case. Mary Abigail S. Austriaco

Erlinda Fule; 79


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