THE UNIVERSITY is going to set a “rite of passage” for this year’s freshmen.

According to Fr. Winston Cabading, O.P., the University’s secretary-general, the “rite of passage” is a welcoming party aimed in making the new student at home in the University.

“We have a baccalaureate Mass to send them (the graduates) off. But how about welcoming the freshmen?” said Cabading.

Cabading explained that new students feel anxious during their first days in the University. Thus, they become more attached to their faculty or college rather than to the University as a whole.

The initiation of sorts completes the set of events that a Thomasian goes through during his stay in the University. Aside from the baccalaureate Mass, the other initiatory events include the Paskuhan and the St. Thomas Aquinas street Mass.

The rite of passage is set on June 14. Billy Joe I. Allardo

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