“We say that hope screams but perhaps the source of this hope will run dry if we simply remain as spectators to the political circus and do nothing for our country,” Fr. Lana said. “As Thomasians, we should be active citizens and help educate other people to choose a leader that would bring the country towards development.”

Fr. Lana added that due to the turbulent Philippine political scene, the people are confused and therefore need guidance.

“We are alarmed and amused by the great alliance of politics and entertainment.

“We have become confused and can not distinguish now the clowns from the politicians. All these developments seem to be defying logic like the reasoning that education and experience are not necessary to run this country. For after all, the educated and the experienced have miserably failed to stir this country towards development,” Fr. Lana said.

Toward peaceful and intelligent elections, Fr. Lana said UST will host a prayer rally on Feb. 26.

Fr. Lana likewise invited the Thomasians to actively participate in the UST Voters’ Education Campaign and reach out to those who are confused in choosing the right leader. He added that it is the University’s way of sharing to others UST’s commitment to truth.

“Just like our patron St. Thomas Aquinas, the University remains persistent to pursue its cause to be a little source of light to our country and help our country men towards becoming enlightened citizens. It continues its crusade for principle politics and good governance,” Fr. Lana said.

New seminary rector seeks stronger priests' formation

According to him, the initiative emanates a deep sense of obligation to the young people in UST to help them have a better future.

“The young Filipinos under our care deserve a better government and therefore a better future. UST RECTOR Fr. Tamerlane Lana, O.P. encouraged the Thomasian community to work toward a wise and peaceful May election in his address during the 393rd founding anniversary celebration of the University last Jan. 27, at the UST Santissimo Parish.

But they do will only become better participants in stirring this country if we, our mentors, guide them,” Fr. Lana stressed.

Meanwhile, Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales, called for the truth in the spirit of St. Thomas Aquinas. Rosales said “the guidance of truth” is needed at this time when there is “evasion of the truth”.

Rosales was the main celebrant of the Eucharistic celebration in observance of the feast day of patron St. Thomas Aquinas, which had the theme Anchoring on Gospel Values in the Age of Globalization.
Ma. Cristina S. Lavapie


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