SINCE childhood, rainbows have always fascinated me. The way their colors divide the sky after a slight drizzle of rain would always leave me dumbstruck.

But what intrigues me most about the rainbow is not its color nor the way its arc forms a bridge to the heavens, but the story about finding its end, which is said to be laden with a pot of gold.

In life, the end of the rainbow may stand for a dream or a status in life that you would have wanted to reach.

I have always believed that every person has his or her own “end of the rainbow” to chase. For some people, their end of the rainbow is easily within their sight. Thus, they are able to go on their quests early. But the same does not hold true for the woeful others who could spend an entire lifetime before they even catch sight of it.

Such is the case of my friend Wally (actually, his name is Oswald but don’t tell him I told you guys), who I met up with recently. The poor guy had a hard time finding the end of his rainbow. This guy had a very blessed life. He had good parents, a cool job, and a girlfriend who loves him as much as he loved her. You think that a guy like him would be content.

Not Wally.

For this fellow was determined to find the end of his rainbow. Bent on going on his quest, he left behind everything that he held dear—including the girl. He searched high and low, across places and fields that he had never explored. He had quite an adventure, learning new things, meeting new faces. Yet, he never found his rainbow’s end. Tired and lonely, he eventually gave up and made his way back home—where the things he held precious were. As he neared his destination, he was shocked to see a huge rainbow, the end of which was where he started his quest—the exact place where he left his parents, his career, and his girl.

Biyak na personalidad

Wally is still chasing the end of his rainbow.

Sad as it may be to admit, sometimes it is hard to see the end of one’s rainbow if one happens to be standing underneath it. Often, it requires some distance for a one to appreciate it, but when that happens, it may be too late to get back.

* * *

Merry Christmas, guys.

I’ll see you next year on the V’s birthday. I just saw my end of the rainbow.

To my dear readers, this may be the last edition of Plumb Lines. Peace.


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