TO AVOID conflicts arising from different time readings in the University, the administration ordered the synchronization of all University clocks with the Philippine Standard Time (PST) last Nov. 4.

In a memorandum issued by the Office of the Secretary-General last Oct. 29, the University had all the timepieces synchronized based on the PST of the National Institute for Standardization (NIS) in the United States through its website

The NIS is an institute that maintains all international standard time references and houses the atomic clock, the most precise measurement of time

“Primarily there was an unknown University time, which was five minutes ahead of the PST. Eventually, we discovered that the different colleges and departments have different timepieces. Even some dormitories around the University are 30 minutes ahead of the PST. So we decided that the University have an official time, which is not five minutes ahead, synchronized with the PST,” UST Secretary General Fr. Winston Cabading said.

In addition, Fr. Cabading said they are looking into the possibility of putting up a server digital clock that would control the time of other digital clocks throughout the campus with the help of the Faculty of Engineering.

Meanwhile, the students welcomed the synchronization of the University’s time clocks.

“Maganda kasi pag late ka, ‘di ka na kailangan makipagdebate sa professor mo. At saka advantage ‘yun sa mga AB-BSE students kasi ‘di ba meron silang subject sa AB building tsaka sa Education building, pag synchronized yung time nila with the time in either of the two buildings, ‘di sila malilito,” Faculty of Arts and Letters student Niel Niño Lim said. Ma. Cristina S. Lavapie

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