FOUR Architecture students are now under investigation after allegedly engaging in a fistfight inside the Beato Angelico Building (Beato) last May 3.

In a statement made to the Safety and Security Service (UST-SSS), formerly the Security Affairs Office, incoming sophomore Eduard Christopher Molina said incoming juniors Cyrus John Lee, Choel Mark Flores, and Rodrigo Caling, ganged up on him near the fourth floor elevator of the Beato.

Flores, however, claimed that Molina provoked the fight by approaching them and bragging about his fraternity in an earlier incident.

“Hinarass ako sa labas ng España Gate sa may Beato ng mga Tau Gamma Phi (kasama si Molina). Tinanong ko sila (Molina and his friends) nang nasa classroom na kami,” Flores stated in his UST-SSS statement. “Nagkasagutan pero nagsimula ang away noong sinapak ako ni Eduard Molina.”

Lee supported Flores’ statement and told the UST-SSS that Molina also confronted him outside the España Gate. “Sinalubong niya ako at binuga niya sa akin yung usok ng yosi niya tapos tinakot niya ako.”

Meanwhile, Caling claimed in his UST-SSS statement that he was not really involved.

“Napasali ako sa away kasi ako na yung pinagsusuntok. Ayaw magpaawat noong matabang estudyante (pertaining to Molina,)” Caling stated.

According to UST-SSS Commander Clemente Dingayan, none of the students involved admitted that they were members of any fraternity.

The statements of the students involved and the , Architecture SWDB representative were not available pending investigation.

More than a broken vow


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