BUDGET Director Florita Faundo-Aguiling retired from her administrative post after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 65 last Jan. 20. She retired from teaching in the College of Commerce last year.

“I don’t regret serving the University most of my life,” said a teary-eyed Aguiling in a surprise tribute at the Conservator of Music recital hall.

Aguiling started working at the College of Commerce in 1962 as a student assistant for then Dean Filemon de las Alas and regent Fr. Cecilio de la Pinta, O.P. She recalled earning a salary of 50 centavos per hour.

Fr. Ramon Salinas, O.P., who succeeded de la Pinta as Commerce regent, often sent Aguiling to various seminars and trainings.

“Those seminars helped me a lot in my work and prepared me for a teaching assignment,” she said.

After graduating in 1965, de las Alas offered Aguiling two jobs: a teaching post in the College and a job at the Budget Office. She worked as budget secretary to de las Alas, who was also Budget director.

At that time, she was the only lady at the office, perhaps to the delight of her male co-workers. Guillermo de los Santos, who was then payroll supervisor, recalled how Aguiling often brightened the day of the male-dominated Accounting division.

“(Her secret admirer) would place a flower on her desk before she arrives,” he recalled.

“I eventually learned who he (admirer) was,” Aguiling replied. “Unfortunately, he died a bachelor.”

It was also in the Treasurer’s office where he met Hector Aguiling, her husband. They got married in 1967 and have four children.

Golden Memories

After the sudden death of de las Alas in April 1979, then Rector Fr. Frederik Fermin, O.P. appointed her as budget director, a post she held until her retirement last Jan. 20.

“She is an institution in her own right; a gift to UST for the years of service she rendered,” said Fr. Roberto Pinto, O.P., former UST Treasurer, during the tribute to Aguiling. Pinto worked with her for 10 years during his tenure as University Treasurer.


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