“It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed.” – (Habakkuk 2:3)

I LOVE all special occasions except one—Valentine’s Day.

The moment January ends, the town is painted red. Friends usually ask one another with whom they will spend the special day. Lucky ladies receive roses, cards, chocolates, or balloons, as guys think of all sorts of gifts to give them.

A couple of weeks before Valentine’s day, my friend and I passed by the UST chapel. We were talking of our not-so-exciting love lives when we saw a basket containing small cards with Bible verses. We picked a card and I received one with writings about love that only reminded me of my past.

A few years back, I accidentally met a guy who had just graduated from college. He was simple, sweet, thoughtful, and a gentleman. Having a good sense of humor, he never failed to comfort me every time I was sad. He was unique, and in him I found someone to confide life’s joys and pains. We talked about all things, from our family problems to anything under the sun. He was the one who brought me closer to God like no one ever did, telling me how important it is to attend Sunday Mass and to pray before sleeping at night. We became best friends and even some sort of siblings. Until we realized that we were already more than friends.

Yet at our age, we were confused and unprepared for how we felt. I never stopped praying for signs whether he was the “right one.” I kept asking God, but the answer did not arrive. I ignored it and took for granted what we felt for each other for almost a year, until the moment came that we admitted our feelings but it was already time for him to leave. As the eldest child, he needed to help run their family strength to endure the difficulty of our commitment. Then and there, I felt guilty.

Lessons from the writing gods

I didn’t remain faithful as what I used to tell him every time we talked. I went out with other guys, tried to forget him, and even denied my commitment. I was so sorry that I had done things that would surely hurt him. Deep inside, there was no one who could replace him: his friendship and faith to God was unique from other guys. We are, in many ways, soulmates.

As I looked intently at the card I was holding, the memory made me smile. I felt a rush of joy. The Bible verse taught me that love is a gift—it’s always worth the wait. It made me understand the glory of sacrifice and the sweetness of triumph after the longing and the pain.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for always being there whenever I feel down. You are the gentle breeze that breathes the courage I need everyday. Your love shall always be a reminder of Your presence in my life. Let me follow Your example of being patient and committed to my loved-ones. Amen.


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