TO CURE students’ weaknesses in written and oral English, the College of Science recently installed a language laboratory at the Main Building’s fourth floor. It was inaugurated last Feb. 15.

Prof. Emelyn Miclat, the language laboratory coordinator, said the College has a number of students who are not proficient in English.

“We are using this as a support material for instruction that will develop the proficiency level of our students in writing and speaking,” Miclat said.

The laboratory provides free access to online resources and websites which could aid the students in writing and speaking in American or British English and tutorials for students taking English 101 A (Communication Skills I) and B (Communication Skills II).

A computer laboratory for 45 students at the mezzanine will be used as an online writing laboratory for English courses. The administrators of the College’s language department are still studying the possibility of teaching other languages, such as Spanish and Filipino at the laboratory. April Dawn Jennifer C. Adriatico

Let me count the ways


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