Illustration by  Carlo Patricio P. Franco“The years teach much that the days never know.” — Emerson

Since high school, my daily routine seemed not to entail anything productive. Each day would always start with waking up late. And after a meal, my day would revolve around a computer, if not, my friends. I paid less and less attention to my studies during regular school days. And I always had that feeling of skipping classes or just being absent the whole day; hence, failing grades.

That has become my perennial problem. At the start of every year, I always wanted to change, to feel something different and worthwhile. But entering college made it more complicated.

The worst part was failing in a major subject. Test after test, I failed until seemingly no hope was left. My professor even branded me as the lazybones of the class. He made fun of me while giving sample problems for our discussions.

Although I laughed with my classmates about it, I cannot deny the bitter truth that my reluctance painfully twisted my personality. I was so frustrated with myself for not doing anything to change that kind of lifestyle. Helpless, I had been bound by the chains of the so-called “mediocrity.”

But at the end of the semester I saw my grade online: 3.00

I was surprised to see that mark. I expected a 5. Maybe I got lucky. But then I realized that there was something else to what had happened. It was not luck after all.

Seeing that people would always thank God when they are spared from failure, even more from death, helped me figure out that the times that I called “luck” are instead blessings. Like those people, I may also be blessed to be alive in all these years, able to learn what life has to teach.

Commerce to change uniforms

Perhaps every start is a time to accomplish the undone and furnish what needs to be furnished. Years, like this one, are yet to pass me by but I am now more than willing now to face them head-on with my eagerness to change alongside faith in myself that I can do it.

I cannot wait for the New Year to come.


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