“Hamonado, because it was my late dad’s favorite.”
-Gianna Earnshaw, Psychology freshman, College of Science

“Chicken Cordon Bleu. It has always been included in our Christmas dinner.”
-Reginald Buhay, junior, College of Nursing

“Any salad. My mom’s salads are the best.”
-Ninoy dela Peña, Communication Arts senior, Faculty of Arts and Letters

“The spaghetti I cook every Christmas.”
-Jane Nones, freshman, Alfredo M. Velayo- College of Accountancy

.“Fruitcake, because I like the taste of the rum mixed in it.”
-Dan Cruza, Electrical Engineering freshman, Faculty of Engineering

“Macaroni salad. It reminds me of my childhood.”
-Frances Manio, professor, College of Nursing

“Shrimp, because it’s my favorite and you deserve to eat your favorite during Christmas.”
-Grigor Pascual, Law junior, Faculty of Civil Law

“Anything my mom cooks.”
-Des Talastas, Advertising freshman, College of Fine Arts and Design

“Bibingka. I always crave for it during Christmas time.”
-Ronald Ramos, Medical Technology intern, Faculty of Pharmacy

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