WITH the unrivalled success of Counterstrike (CS), network games have undoubtedly gained control of the young.

Playing CS or its contemporaries like Red Alert 2, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo II, and other popular network games continues to attract gamers.

The enhanced 3D graphics and realistic storyline take players into a world of hard action and adventure that do not only provide enjoyment but also spur their wildest imagination.

As these games continue to lure students—mostly male—the Varsitarian conducted a survey on the top network/PC games Thomasians play. While CS captures the top spot, its contemporaries have been coming up with more developments to knock it from its place. (See complete results below.)

As fanatics await more developments, here are three games letting players have another whack at the keyboard.

Real time

“Battle Realms” claims the second position among Thomasian PC-game enthusiasts.

The game utilizes “real-time strategy,” a genre that gives the game with realistic schemes. Birds hastily flying out from trees when disturbed, horses galloping in the plain and peasants bringing water from a river to put off a fire produce a very realistic effect.

Set on the battlefield of magic and armed combat, gallant monks and samurai fight barbarians, evil magicians, and ninjas. From a peasant to an archer or a spearman, a player can experiment with unit alchemy and transform them into majestic warriors like samurai, canoneers, bandits, geisha, and other legendary warriors.

Also, using the power of yin or yang, one can improve the soldiers. Saving the power of the Zen Master grants the warrior magic powers and new equipment.

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A maximum of eight players can take part in the action through local area network (LAN) or the Internet.

Battle Realms fabricates a force that attacks the senses of the players through excellent graphics, realistic battle, and excellent background music.

Star Wars

According to a press release of the Lucas Arts Entertainment, the media have predicted that “Jedi Outcast” would win the PC title of 2002.

The game is about the continuing saga of the former Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn. The famous Jedi weapon, the lightsaber, adds spice to the level and scenes of the game that see storm troopers, imperial officers, and rodians in combat.

The game contains an approach-to-level design and many graphic effects. The game is expansive with dead-ends, alternate routes, and secret passages that players have to complete for some hours.

At another point, the Force, the telekinesis-like Jedi trait, is used in the game whenever the Jedi pulls antagonists and weapons towards him. The player can also opt to be a Dark Jedi; he can learn the destructive “Vader’s grip.”

As far as graphics are concerned, the character models and animation are outstanding. Crisp and fascinating imagery is highlighted in fights.

Jedi Outcast shows some basic similarities with its movie counterpart, Attack of the Clones, giving force to most gamers.

Back with a vengeance

Command and conquer. This is the theme of “Red Alert: Yuri’s Revenge”, which is back with a vengeance.

Starting where “Red Alert 2” ended, the game improves Yuri’s units, which include the infantry and units on the ground, sea, and air.

Martial Law horrors evoked in exhibit

The sick and psychotic Soviet traitor has reinforced his tech structures, which include the Civilian Power Plant, within which is the Secret Tech Lab— machine shops and hospitals. When captured, these structures give the players technology from Libya, France, and Iraq.

The Machine Shop, a version of Red Alert 2’s Tech Outpost, acts as a service depot that does automatic repair. The player can also capture an Oil Derrick to gain continual supply of money.

New locations in the game include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Sydney, Cairo, Antarctica, and the moon.

As players are still hard-pressed on their keyboards, these games will persist, amazing thousands of youth. It’s a part of the fad with all the advances in technology.

With the ingenious incorporation of war, magic, realism, assault, guns, goons and adventure, these games will keep invading young minds.


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