AN INCOMING freshman student almost lost her cellular phone and wallet inside the Education Bldg. last May 2.

According to a report from the Office for Security Affairs (OSA), victim Abigail Cui left her valuables, a Nokia 6150 cellular phone and a wallet containing P230, inside Room 215 of the Education Bldg., to submit an application form. But, upon returning to her seat, she discovered that her cell phone and wallet were gone.

Cui immediately informed a College of Education representative. The representative instantly lent the victim her cellular phone to contact her missing phone.

The security guard who answered the call told Cui that her phone and her wallet were abandoned by a woman on the tray of a photocopying machine in the building’s lobby.

Based on a photocopied driver’s license, machine operator Sylvia Relos, positively identified the suspect, Marilou Bagaporo of 55 Kasunduan St., Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City, as the person who left the cellular phone and the wallet on the tray. Bagaporo was later arrested by the guards and then brought to the security office for interrogation.

But the suspect denied getting the items and claimed she was inside the building because she came to meet her daughter, who would be enrolling her granddaughter at the Conservatory of Music for piano lessons, the report said.

The suspect was later released since it was not clearly established that the items were in her possession and the victim did not file charges. Teodoro Lorenzo A. Fernandez

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