(Editor’s note: The following is a statement of the UST Center for Creative Writing and Literary Studies posted on Aug. 20, 2019)


The UST CENTER FOR CREATIVE WRITING AND LITERARY STUDIES is in solidarity with all writers, writing centers, and other literary institutions, in the commitment to ensure a safe environment for all writing fellows, speakers, and members of the teaching panel in its workshops, and all its other activities.

We believe that the national writers workshops are an important part of a young writer’s apprenticeship, because they offer the opportunity for honing creative and critical skills, forming what may be lasting friendships, and becoming a part of a vibrant writing community. However, it is vital that they be held in an atmosphere of mutual respect and responsibility. No form of abuse, misconduct, or discrimination should be tolerated or ignored.

In the light of recent allegations of sexual violence, rape, abuse, harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct in writing workshops, we have already undertaken a review of our own policies and practices. We are determined to put in place all necessary safeguards and protocols, both to prevent the occurrence of such unethical and immoral acts, and to address and penalize them, should they occur.

We trust that sharp vigilance will serve to counteract those aspects of the workshop culture which may have enabled the situation in which the writing community finds itself today.


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