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April 20, 2016, 10:50a.m. – SEVENTEEN candidates in the Central Student Council (CSC) elections faced off in a “miting de avance” Tuesday, tackling issues such as student apathy and dialogue with the administration. 

The CSC bets were each given a minute and a half to answer questions, followed by rebuttals from other candidates.

Independent presidential candidate and incumbent CSC treasurer Roi Sergio Rey started the discussion by stressing that the biggest mistake of the incumbent CSC was its inability to reach out to students, which he plans to address by promoting student participation and involvement. 

“Kailangan ng awareness, relevance and call to action from the students para talaga ma-eliminate ‘yung main problem ng University, which is ang pagiging apathetic ng students,” Rey said. 

For Lakas ng Diwang Tomasino (Lakasdiwa) standard bearer Patricia Yi, the next CSC should focus on establishing stronger engagement between the student council and Thomasians, which she said the incumbent CSC was unable to accomplish. 

Lakas Tomasino Coalition (LTC) presidential bet Janela Love Nartates said the CSC failed to completely eradicate apathy among the students, but maintained that it was able to perform its responsibilities. 

“I disagree with the statement that the CSC had inefficiencies. Coming from IPEA (Institute of Physical Education and Athletics), ramdam na ramdam po ‘yung CSC. [H]indi naman sa lahat ng times CSC ang lalapit sa atin, kailangan tayo ring mga Tomasino ay may pakialam,” Nartates said. 

The vice presidential candidates talked about how to help students reach out to the administration. Steven Grecia (LTC) said he would push for a student-administration dialogue to answer college-based grievances, while Jose Ramon Liñan (Lakasdiwa) said proper engagement could be established by treating students as “friends.”

Candidates for the position of secretary, Samantha Ann Williams (Independent), Nina Jessica Pasno (LTC) and Nina Bianca Ramirez (Lakasdiwa), all agreed to take full responsibility should they fail to perform their official duties. “‘Yung mga failure aangkinin ko kung alam ko talagang kasalanan ko,” Pasno said.

Aspiring treasurers Glyden Aguilar (Indpendent), Rjay Yu (LTC) and Marwell Bartolome (Lakasdiwa) were against tuition increase. Yu said that if the increase was reasonable then the University should go ahead. 

“Dapat marealize natin na ang stakeholders ng University ay hindi lang mga estudyante, kasama dito ang mga professors,” Yu said. 

Candidates for auditor Neil Joseph Lee (Independent), Romulo Terrado III (LTC) and Amiel Justin Ollica (Lakasdiwa) agreed that their duties did not end with providing promoting fiscal transparency and preparing financial reports.

Public Relations Officer candidates Patrick Joseph Magyani (Independent), Jherome Ramos (LTC) and Enna Hermoso (Lakasdiwa) believe that apathy could be addressed by proper coordination with local grievance committees and local student councils. 

The University-wide elections started last April 18. The last day of elections and the proclamation of the new CSC officers will be on April 22. Kathryn Jedi V. Baylon and Alhex Adrea M. Peralta


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