A THOMASIAN placed sixth in the October 2019 licensure examinations for chemists while another landed eighth in the separate examinations for chemical technicians.

The University posted a 98.63-percent passing rate (72 of 73 examinees) in the chemical technician examinations and 83.87 percent (26 of 31 examinees) in the examinations for chemists.

Justin Allen Lim led this year’s batch of Thomasian chemists after clinching the sixth spot with an 88.60-percent score. Maria Patricia Diño finished eighth in the chem tech exams with an 89.50-percent score.

University of the Philippines-Diliman was the top performing school in the chemist licensure exams with a 93.44-percent passing rate. Visayas State University was the only top-performing school in the chemical technician exam as all 57 of its takers passed the examinations.

The national passing rate for the chemist exams slipped to 42.12 percent or 457 out of 1,085 examinees from last year’s 45.05% or 496 out of 1,101 examinees.

For the chemical technician exams, the national passing rate dropped to 81.09 percent or 2,298 passers out of 2,834 takers, from last year’s 87.32 percent or 1,673 passers out of 1,916 takers.


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