The UST College of Science has released new designs for its Type B uniform and laboratory gowns for the next academic year.

THE College of Science (COS) has released new designs for its “Type B” uniform and laboratory gowns to be worn by students starting Academic Year (AY) 2024 to 2025, coinciding with preparations for its centennial in 2026.

Freshmen, sophomore, and junior students must now wear white-and-blue Type B polo shirts paired with cargo pants designed by the COS Student Council (CSSC), along with closed shoes.

Previously, students wore collared polo shirts with casual jeans or pants of their choice.

The cargo pants are water-resistant and made of lightweight, breathable materials. They have multiple pockets with the COS logo on the flaps.

The new Type B uniform for freshmen up to junior students in the College of Science, based on Memorandum 116 issued by the college on June 19.

Science Dean Prof. Rey Donne Papa said the changes to the Type B uniform were meant to reduce uniform policy violations.

“I have always believed that the use of uniforms in UST [is] a great equalizer, and helps lessen possible distinctions among those belonging to upper and lower income classes among our students,” he told the Varsitarian. “Abiding by the uniform policy also helps instill discipline among students.”

Papa said the cargo pants were designed to be worn throughout the wet and dry seasons and prioritize safety in laboratory environments.

Unlike other colleges where summer uniforms are worn only in Term 2 starting the day after Ash Wednesday, COS students are required to wear their Type B uniforms on designated days throughout the entire academic year.

The COS Centennial shirt, created for the college’s upcoming 100th anniversary in 2026, can be worn instead of the Type B polo shirt.

This centennial shirt is a collared, dri-fit garment designed by microbiology sophomore Charles Garcia and applied mathematics junior Kristen Gador. It features the COS centennial logo in front and the college motto on the back: “Gáling Science, Galíng Science.”

“The [student council] held a competition for the design of the centennial shirt upon our suggestion,” Papa said. “The material should be dri-fit, so that it will be comfortable for use during the hotter months of the year. It will also be useful for those who go on fieldwork or community service events outside campus.”

Ten percent of the profits from sales of the centennial shirts, priced at P500 each, will support the “Piso Paaral Program,” the CSSC’s flagship scholarship initiative.

Senior students are given leeway to not comply with the changes to the Type B uniform. 

New lab gowns

The college has also introduced new designs for laboratory gowns that freshmen will use during their lab classes.

These white lab gowns display the UST and COS logos on the back, with the student’s department or program name in front.

The new laboratory gown designs for freshmen students in the College of Science. Students from higher levels may also opt to purchase the prescribed coats but are not required to do so.

Previously, COS did not enforce a standard design for lab gowns, allowing students to purchase them from local student councils, academic societies, or other suppliers.

Papa said the COS would also be releasing a revised set of Type A uniforms to be implemented in AY 2025 to 2026. 

“We have retained key design elements from our current Type A but the changes will reflect changing sensitivities and safety, while being conscious of tradition and decency, which is a hallmark of UST uniforms,” he said. 

Type A uniforms in the COS are scheduled to be worn every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, while Type B uniforms are the prescribed attire every Wednesday and Saturday. With reports from Jenna Mariel A. Gonzales


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