AFTER Labor Secretary Patricia Sto. Tomas denied its motion for reconsideration last July, the Samahang Manggagawa ng UST (SM-UST) will elevate the case to the Court of Appeals.

SM-UST vice president Nilo Tampos said the Union would file a petition for certiorari on or before September 19.

A petition for certiorari asks a higher court to reverse or modify a decision of a tribunal, board or officer.

“If we don’t get a favorable decision from the Court of Appeals, then we will appeal to the Supreme Court. And if we still don’t get a favorable decision, then we have no choice but to accept the terms of the management,” Tampos said in Filipino, “Bawi na lang sa next CBA after 2004.”

He also said they have requested for the Office of the Ombudsman to investigate the alleged tampering of the decision.

“For one, the decision was not written in the same font as the previous one. Ang dating tuloy sa amin, either hindi iisang tao ‘yung gumawa ng decision or they just based it dun sa first decision nila. Parang fake tuloy kung baga,” Tampos said.

Last May 31, Sto. Tomas handed down a resolution to giving the Union a salary increase of P5,200 over three years, in contrast to the Union’s adjusted demand of P9,800. Feeling short-changed by the decision, SM-UST filed a motion for reconsideration on June 17, but Sto. Tomas denied the motion.

Meanwhile, Atty. Manuel Beaniza, Jr., director of the Center for Human Resources Development, said the administration was not surprised by SM-UST’s move.

“It’s their right—their prerogative. It’s only natural that petitioning to the Court of Appeals will be (the Union’s) next step,” he said. Elka Krystle R. Requinta

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