One thing is certain: death will come, only no one knows when. And the reality that we are hostages of time while we live is undeniable.

As time holds us hostages, we cannot do anything but wait. What we do while waiting is what will set us apart from other people who wait doing nothing. Although they are different from those who wait but can’t do anything else, everything boils down to how we value time.

To move on or to stagnate is a good measure of that.


After more than a year of being held captives by the terrorist Abu Sayyaf, Martin Burnham and Ediborah Yap were killed. Although Gracia Burnham survived, the trauma of her husband’s death is probably killing her softly.

Just days before that tragic incident, a boy held hostage in Pasay City also died.

In both cases, the deaths came during a rescue operation.

Whether or not it’s the rescuers fault, the question is how competent law enforcers are in their work. In both incidents, they hardly showed competence.


In a series of lectures and symposia to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the UST Main Building, I discovered a lot of things about the building that will make us proud of being Thomasians.

From the architectural design to the murals and paintings that decorate the interior, the building is a living proof of Thomasian ingenuity.

But the heritage of the main building is often disregarded, if not totally forgotten. Students perhaps consider the building as ordinary and passing by the grandeur of the structure is perhaps just a walk in a park to most.

Ang muling pagkabuhay ng Departamento ng Filipino

It is sad to note that progress is overtaking heritage conservation. Reconstructions are scarring the building’s façade and perhaps draining it of its strength. As the commemoration ends, awareness of the rich history of the building should start and conservation should continue to make the building a true icon of great Thomasian minds as the quadricentennary of the university dawns.


I am taking responsibility for the omission of the names of John Carlo Bautista and Julienne Therese Villaluz in the Varsitarian’s staff in the previous issue. On the other hand, Jhervy Nuez should have been in the Filipino section. To them, my sincerest apologies.


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