AFTER only three years as Faculty of Arts and Letters (Artlets) dean, Dr. Armando de Jesus was appointed by Rector Fr. Tamerlane Lana, O.P. as the new vice-rector for academic affairs. He will be taking over from Fr. Jose Antonio Aureada, O.P. who held the position for three years.

To replace de Jesus is Dr. Belen Tangco, the executive assistant of Fr. Aureada in the academic affairs office, according to Fr. Lucio Gutierrez, O.P., regent of Artlets.

Aureada will concentrate on being the Graduate School regent, a position he also held while he was at the academic affairs office.

According to de Jesus, the appointment, which will take effect on June 1, came as a surprise.

“I did not really expect to be appointed, what I was thinking was that I will still be dean of Arts and Letters so even at the last minute I did not know anything about it, but like a good soldier I will follow of course,” he said.

De Jesus added he does not have concrete plans yet as the new academic affairs head.

“I only have a vague idea of the programs and what the job will require of me but as I have been working closely with Fr. Aureada. I don’t think I will have much difficulty adjusting,” he said.

However, de Jesus said he would focus on enhancing the teaching method in the University.

“I only know about the programs in a general sort of way, I still have to see the ground and monitor how it goes before I decide on it,” de Jesus said.

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Meanwhile, Fr. Aureada said he hopes that the proposed projects, such as the establishment of separate departments for Filipino and Literature, will be carried out by de Jesus.

“He is open to the proposals, but then again I don’t know what is in his mindset, he may or may not and I will not have power over that anymore,” Fr. Aureada said.

De Jesus on the other hand, refused to confirm whether he would continue the proposed projects. Jennifer B. Fortuno and Ma. Cristina S. Lavapie


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