IN FULFILLMENT of an agreement between the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) and a regional educational technology center on the training of researchers as resource persons, CERD director Allan de Guzman will train with the organization starting next month.

The agreement requires a UST researcher to serve Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Innovation Technology (Seameo Innotech) on an on-call basis. CERD signed the memorandum of understanding with Seameo director Dr. Erlinda Pefianco last Oct. 1.

As a fellow, de Guzman is expected to share his expertise, experiences, and perspectives in the project activities of the organization. He said that part of his work is to provide technical assistance in the development of technical papers and act as resource person in seminars abroad based on his line of expertise, innovation technology.

De Guzman, the first Thomasian representative, said he will share with his fellow UST researchers whatever training he receives from the organization.

“I get paid as a research fellow, but what’s important is that I get to share what I learn with fellow researchers from the University in the future,” de Guzman said.

Seameo Innotech, which is based in the Philippines, seeks to identify education problems in Southeast Asian countries, gives aid for educational development through innovative and technology-based solutions, human resource development, research evaluation, and information and communications technology. April Dawn Jennifer Adriatico

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